Google Photos wins stories style appeal

Google Photos launches new “Memories” feature that acts as a stories in the image storage application. Like Instagram, it will be at the top of the tool page, but will be organized at certain times, such as “a year ago.” Touching the icons for this function will still start a photo carousel.

The company will also be adding a new instant chat section on the platform in the coming months, so it will be possible to share these files with others in private messages.

Another important change is that Google has refined its recognition technology, which uses machine learning to automatically organize images into categorized albums. This will make searching for in-app captures even simpler and can be done via keyword search.

The Memories section started appearing for Google Photos users this week. It sits at the top of the gallery, in the round icon format you know about Facebook and Instagram Stories. The app uses machine learning to bring together photos and videos from previous years, so it prioritizes higher quality images and disregards duplicate items.

“While you recognize this social media storytelling format, these memories are your personal media, presented to you privately,” explains Google. Photos and videos will not be shown to your friends unless you tap the Share button and choose contacts who will have access to the collection.

Google Photos may redeem some memories you don’t want to relive, such as a deceased loved one or an ex-boyfriend. Therefore, there is the option to hide certain periods or people (thanks to facial recognition). The app also allows you to completely disable this feature.

Scan and Print Options

Recently added to Photos is a quick access button to PhotoScan, Google’s own scan feature. Which can now be accessed from the settings tab. However, to use it, you will still need to install the scanning app on your device.

The company will also launch in the United States a screen printing service with images saved in the storage tool. In this case, they may be requested in the app itself and withdrawn in various physical establishments, such as Walmart. The solution will cost from US $ 19 and is not expected to arrive in other countries, such as Brazil.

Google didn’t have much success on social networks, so it didn’t have many places to use stories. However, the company was not left out of this: YouTube has Android and iOS app stories; and made the search more visual with AMP Stories.

Google Photos also promises that, in the coming months. It will be easier to send photos to your friends or family; Images “will be added to a private conversation in progress.” I hope it’s something less messy than the current Share tab; I have about 20 albums shared with my mom, and it would be nice to centralize that.


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